100 Digital Product Ideas GUARANTEED to Sell on Etsy (Done for You Research!)

Dec 16, 2023


So you've heard that you can make money online selling digital products and now you're looking for ideas...

Well you're in luck because today I’m sharing with you 100 digital product ideas guaranteed to sell on Etsy!

The best part is, all of these ideas are already validated, meaning that shoppers are actually searching for these products and already buying them on Etsy. 


How do I know this? I used an Etsy SEO research tool called Marmalead that shows you the monthly searches of a keyword to make sure there was demand and then I validated that sellers were successfully making money with these ideas by checking on Etsy.

For example, on average “habit tracker” is searched for 521 times every month and the keyword is engaged with (meaning shoppers interact with a listing using that keyword in their title or tags 1,073 times!)

Photo Credit: MyLifePlans



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Not only this, I've also organized these digital product ideas by niche so you can envision and create a cohesive shop instead of one off products :)



Now, let's jump into these 100 digital product ideas!


Productivity Niche


1. Daily, Weekly and Monthly planner 

Photo Credit: HelloFridayPlanners



2. Cleaning planner/Schedule   

Photo Credit: MCGraphicDesigner



3. Chore chart 

Photo Credit: EasyPlannerCo



4. Reward chart 

Photo Credit: DuffyDesignCo



5. Productivity planner 

Photo Credit: PlannerMomCompany



6. Goal planner 

Photo Credit: MorePlanner



7. To-do list/Daily planner  

Photo Credit: AllThePlans



8. Calendars  

Photo Credit: TheProductiveCompany



9. Moving planner

 Photo Credit: Journalle 


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Self Care Niche

10. Self Care planner

Photo Credit: TheTinyHiveCo


11. Daily Gratitude journal 

Photo Credit: MindfullyGreta



12. Dream journal  

Photo Credit: MindKingdom



13. Daily Habit tracker

Photo Credit: MyLifePlans



14. Mood tracker

Photo Credit: ashsgreen



15. Affirmation cards

Photo Credit: SanArtStudioo



16. Inspirational Wall art

Photo Credit: ILovePrintable



Fitness + Nutrition Niche



17. Fitness planner

Photo Credit: LiliesDaily



18. Weight Loss tracker

Photo Credit: PrettyForPrintables



19. Meal planning kit

Photo Credit: OliviaKumarageDesign



20. Grocery List templates

Photo Credit: heydoodlesShop



21. Food/Pantry labels

Photo Credit: LittleHomeDesignsCo



22. Recipe templates


Photo Credit: LovingMemoryPrints



Business Niche



23. Branding kits

Photo Credit: MacaronsandMimosas



24. Website themes 

Photo Credit: DreamShackStore



25. Banner templates

Photo Credit: MonologoStudioShop



26. Business planner

Photo Credit: AmmaRoseDesigns



27. Thank You card/Business card templates

Photo Credit: LoveLissy



28. Gift Card templates 

Photo Credit: Stickearte



29. Pricing lists

Photo Credit: TrendyFoxStudio



30. E-Course/Webinar Slide deck templates

Photo Credit: ThirtyOnePalmsStudio



31. Lead Magnet templates

Photo Credit: MiriCampbell



32. eBook template

Photo Credit: LiliesAndBerries



33. Mock ups 

Photo Credit: MockupProject



Faith Niche


34. Bible Reading Planner

Photo Credit: thesweetestword



35. Faith Based Wall Art

Photo Credit: DivineDigitalPrints



36. Bible Study Planner

Photo Credit: PottersHandDesignCo



37. Daily Devotional Journals

Photo Credit: NotesbynathanShop


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Design Elements Niche



38. Photoshop/Procreate Brushes

Photo Credit: SuperNiceType


39. Clip Art

Photo Credit: JuliaDreamsCo



40. Fonts

Photo Credit: Saltandpepperfonts


41. SVG Files

Photo Credit: HeyLenaArts



42. Icons

Photo Credit: AYxSTUDIOS



43. Digital Papers

Photo Credit: opiadesignsstudio



44. Digital Stickers

Photo Credit: DashPlanner



45. Printable Stickers

Photo Credit: ATArtDigital



Finance/ Budgeting Niche



46. Finance Planner

Photo Credit: PaperScribblesCo



47. Bill Tracker

Photo Credit: OvCreativeStudio



48. Budgeting Planner

Photo Credit: EasyLifePlanners



49. Debt Tracker

Photo Credit: TheWellDesignedLife



50. Cash Envelope

Photo Credit: TiffanyBudgets



51. Finance Spreadsheet  

Photo Credit: JKsDigitals



School/ Career Niche



52. Teacher Planner

Photo Credit: ImperfectInspo



53. Student Planner

Photo Credit: chicproseprints



54. Study Guide/Workbook

Photo Credit: VicLynnDesigns



55. Cover Letter Template

Photo Credit: AelleDesign



56. Resume Template

Photo Credit: GetLanded



Wedding Niche



57. Wedding Announcement

Photo Credit: finedaypress



58. Save the Date Template

Photo Credit: BzDigitalArt



59. Welcome Sign Template

Photo Credit: BlushPaperieShop



60. Seating Chart

Photo Credit: PearlyPaperDesign



61. Table Cards

Photo Credit: LovePaperEvent



62. Wedding Planner

Photo Credit: InkCreo



63. Wedding Checklist

Photo Credit: VespertineAndCo



64. Bachelorette Party Games

Photo Credit: AspenWoodsStudio



65. Bridesmaid Cards

Photo Credit: AcetiDesignCo



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Travel Niche



66. Travel planner

Photo Credit: FoxBurrowDesigns



67. Packing list

Photo Credit: BoMiMoDesigns



68. Bucket List planner

Photo Credit: TheMillennialGrind



69. World Map Wall Art

Photo Credit: RegentPrint



Social Media Niche



70. Social Media planner kit

Photo Credit: AmmaRoseDesigns



71. Blog planner 

Photo Credit: chicproseprints



72. Pinterest pin templates

Photo Credit: DesignbyJosephine



73. Instagram templates

Photo Credit: BadassTemplates



74. Instagram highlight icons

Photo Credit: TintStudioDigital



75. Lightroom presets 

Photo Credit: MintAndPepper



 Craft/ DIY Niche



76. Crochet patterns

Photo Credit: ZuvaStitches



77. Cross stitch patterns

Photo Credit: CSpatternsShop



78. Sewing patterns

Photo Credit: Slowmorningstudio



79. Quilt patterns

Photo Credit: TaraleeQuiltery



Motherhood/ Family Niche



80. Pregnancy Announcements

Photo Credit: MockShopCo



81. Baby Shower invitations

Photo Credit: CocoPressDesigns



82. Welcome Sign templates

Photo Credit: UnmeasuredEvent



83. Baby Shower games

Photo Credit: TheCherryPaper



84. Nursery Wall Art

Photo Credit: GoodPrintsCollective



85. Family Tree template/printable 

Photo Credit: KeekoCreative

Original Work



86. Poetry/Poem book

Photo Credit: lorihetteen



87. eBook

Photo Credit: YellowOwlBooks



88. Original Illustrations

Photo Credit: MopseArt



General Digital Products



89. Thank You cards

Photo Credit: BetterdayStudio



90. Greeting cards

Photo Credit: LarissaKayDesigns



91. Birthday cards

Photo Credit: JoliCoon



92. Birthday invitations

Photo Credit: partiara



93. Holiday cards

Photo Credit: Atiliay



94. Abstract Printable Wall Art

 Photo Credit: ToneofTint



95. Customizable Wall Art

 Photo Credit: TheBookerie



96. Customizable Stationery

  Photo Credit: PhoebeAndJune



97. Phone and Computer Wallpapers

  Photo Credit: IuliiaCreativeLab



98.Virtual Backgrounds for Video Calls

   Photo Credit: GroomYourZoom



99. Emoji Digital Stickers

   Photo Credit: PlantBasedLiviDesign



100.Printable Coloring Pages

   Photo Credit: ColorVerseCo



I hope these ideas got your creative juices flowing and you're ready to test out some of these ideas!

And if you need help starting or growing your digital product Etsy shop, click here to watch the free training! It's got you covered on how to do it the smart and strategic way with more joy and less effort. :) Hope to see you there!



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