ETSY SEO: How to find the BEST Keywords for Etsy Shop Success!

Nov 16, 2020


Hey boss! Welcome back to the blog and if you're new here my name is Alissa. I help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their Etsy shops so they can make more money in their business and create more freedom in their life!

One of the most common issues I see when people are just starting out on Etsy or when people tell me they're not making sales is that they're not optimizing their titles and tags for Etsy SEO; search engine optimization... and using the right keywords in your listings means a lot when it comes to being found in search on Etsy!

That's why today we're going to be talking about how to find the best keywords for your titles and your tags on Etsy.

Let's dive in! 



Now, we want to focus on one single long tail focus keyword to start, and then everything else in our titles and tags will have supporting keywords that will also help us get found in search.

The reason we want to find this type of keyword is because there are pros and cons to a broad keyword, focus keyword, and long tail focus keyword, so if you include all three in ONE awesome keyword phrase you get the best of all worlds!

It really comes down to competition and conversions.

1.) Competition: For example, broad terms, such as "wedding gift", "wall art", "earrings", etc are highly competitive terms. So it's going to be extremely hard for a new shop to rank for those keywords. That doesn't mean that you should avoid using these broad terms. It just means that you should incorporate them into a main long tail keyword. And I'll explain why and how in a little bit.

2.) Conversions: Using broad terms as an example again, shoppers really only use broad keywords when they're not sure what they want to purchase yet... when they are browsing. Meaning that even if you are found from a broad keyword search, you're less likely to convert that shopper into a buyer than if you were found with a more specific search.

Pro Tip: You also want to use a long tail keyword phrase with keywords/terms in the same order that shoppers are actually typing into the search bar because Etsy rewards relevancy.

ie. If most shoppers are searching for "3 piece wall art set", but you're titling and tagging your listing as "art print set of 3" you won't be found or rank as high in search as you could have if you used exactly what shoppers were typing in ie. "3 piece wall art set".

This will all make sense once we put it all together.

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So now we're going to get into how to craft your long tail focus keyword phrase.

A really great way to go about finding the best long tail keyword is to actually find the best broad term for your listing. Once you find the best broad term, then you can build upon that term and make it more specific to what you offer. Okay?

So, let's say you sell wall art.

What kind of wall art?

Okay. Printable wall art.

What kind of printable wall art?

Okay, Boho printable wall art, etc.

And you can even get more specific from there.

But how do we know if we should use the broad term "wall art"?  Why not the broad keyword "art print"? Why not the broad term "downloadable art"?

That's where the research phase comes in. We want to make sure we are researching and brainstorming all the different terms that we can be using. And then we want to analyze it using a tool like marmalade or E-rank.

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So let's first talk about how to brainstorm/research the best terms for your long tail focus keyword.

There are several places I suggest you look.

1.) Competitors Listings: You can look at their titles and take note of all the terms that you're not currently using in your titles and tags.

2.) Etsy Search Bar: Use the Etsy search bar, type in a broad keyword and see what populates below. If you see any relevant keywords that you think will work well for your listings, write those down.

3.) Your Etsy Stats Section: Go to your Etsy stats section and see if you're being found for any terms that you are not currently using, if you are... write those down.

4.) Marmalead Search Feature: Go to Marmalead Search, type in a keyword that's relevant to your product and scroll to the bottom to see the most popular used tags that are related to the keyword you entered.

I suggest writing down all the keywords you found in a google doc.

Now it's time to compare your broad, focus, and long tail focus keywords to build your long tail focus keyword.

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So let's say I'm trying to sell boho/scandinavian/mid-centry modern printable/digital wall art... and I was trying to find the BEST long tail focus keyword. I would first compare all of the broad keywords that I found and see which one has the most engagement.

If I was actually doing this research, there would be more keywords to compare, but for example sake, let's just use 2 of each as we move through this exercise.



Here I'm comparing "wall art" and "art print" to see which keyword we want to use as our broad keyword:

"Wall art" has the most engagement, so we're going to lock in that as our broad keyword.




Now we want to move on to comparing our focus keywords. Let's compare "digital download wall art" and "printable wall art".

From this example "printable wall art" has the most engagement, so we're going to lock that in and build off of it and finally find our long tail focus keyword.




Now let's say we want to compare "boho printable wall art" and "abstract printable wall art"

From this example "abstract printable wall art" is the winner!


Personally I would take it one step further and compare a few more keywords that are a little more attribute specific (color, size, etc) but I hope this little example has helped you see what I'm getting at!


The point of this long tail focus keyword is that let's say that you start ranking for "abstract printable wall art", because of how specific and relevant it is to your listing (meaning a higher conversion rate for that listen) then you have a better chance of then ranking for "printable wall art" and then you have a better chance of ranking for "wall art" if your listing knocks it out of the park!

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Okay boss, I hope this helped!


If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram @HeyAlissaRose




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