Make more money doing what you love

and confidently grow your business on Etsy

with a proven step-by-step system designed to not only increase your traffic and sales on Etsy, but also help you build a long-lasting business. 

Let’s talk about who this course is really for:

You’re an aspiring business owner with no shortage of ambition but you’re tired of not seeing the growth you know you deserve on Etsy.

You’re ready to ditch the piecemeal tips and tricks that you’re finding on the internet and instead learn the in’s and out’s of what it actually takes to run a successful Etsy shop.

Whether you’re…

✨ A budding entrepreneur who dreams of building a successful business online and wants to learn the right (strategic) way to do it.

✨ A creative who wants to share your work with the world while also making lots of money doing what you love.

✨ A 9-5 employee who’s tired of answering to someone else and knows that they are capable of so much more.

I need you to know that you're in the right place and I'm going to show you how Marketing for Makers Academy will equip you with the tools, knowledge, and proven frameworks in order to support you on your journey to Etsy shop success. 

By the end of this program

you will:

👉  Nail down your profitable niche (profitable financially and emotionally) I’m talking about getting crystal clear on what you offer, who you serve, and the uniqueness you bring to the market place (bye bye competition).

👉  Leverage Etsy SEO with a rock solid strategy that actually works. You'll finally understand what it takes to rank on page 1.

👉  Craft irresistible listings based on data and consumer psychology. No more guessing. Here on out you'll create offers based on what the market truly wants.

👉  Skyrocket your Pinterest Traffic with high converting pins and a Pinterest SEO strategy that will not just get you found, but make your pins go viral.

👉  Leverage Email Marketing to capture shoppers who didn’t choose to buy at first but are likely to commit to  purchasing down the line after they’re warmed up to your brand.

👉  Implement a content marketing plan that includes searchable content so you can drive even more traffic to your shop around the clock ('set it and forget it' style).

After Bárbara implemented the strategies taught in Marketing for Makers Academy her sales and revenue skyrocketed.

She now makes full-time income on Etsy.

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"Before I joined MMA, I basically started at 0 sales. This course pushed me further than I imagined and I am SO happy that I joined.

Since the course I've made 195 sales and receive 700,000+ monthly Pinterest views.

I would recommend this to any business owner regardless of the platform they are selling on!"


"Marketing for Makers Academy was the best investment I've ever made.

I joined to learn Pinterest, but I learned so much more.

My Pinterest profile, email list, and YouTube channel are growing and on top of that I'm swamped with orders".


"Before Alissa and MMA I spent 1.5 years looking for tips and ways to make more sales.

MMA was the best decision and I’m so glad that I joined.

I managed to make over 500 sales since I started the course! I totally recommend it!"



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The Complete MMA Training Program: 

6 Modules, 37 core video lessons, tech vault, PDF support documents, templates, and swipe files


Bonus #1: Student-Only Facebook Group

Bonus #2: "The 24 Hour Profitable Email Promotion" Guide


Module 1


This module is the foundation of your business success. Most Etsy sellers skip this step (some don’t even know it exists)! In this module we are slowing down in order to speed up. Get ready to get FULL CLARITY on your business.
Module Highlights:
  • Discover your PROFITABLE niche (financially and emotionally). We’re in this for the long-haul, so let’s get clear on what kind of business will support us monetarily and light us up passionately.
  • Discover what the market wants. We're not playing guessing games here! You’re given a strategy to produce real and accurate data to uncover who you serve and what they want so purchasing your products become a no brainer.
  • Eliminate the competition! There is no such thing as market saturation if you correctly define and showcase how you stand out from the crowd. Let’s get to the bottom of how you can rise to the top!

Module 2


Your conversion rate is the percentage of visits that turn into sales. Let’s make purchasing from your shop a no brainer by correcting all the things that might be making some people leave your shop and go to your competitors.
Module Highlights:
  • Learn how to read your stats section and set goals! We need to know where we are are before we know where we want to go.
  • Knowledge is power. Understand how the Etsy algorithm works and use it to your benefit to increase your listings ranking.
  • Knowing what shoppers subconsciously look for when shopping is a game changer for your conversion rate. Know the exact photos you need to include in your listings and what to say in your descriptions in order to convince shoppers to hit that buy button.

Module 3


Now that you've increased your conversion rate by fixing your existing offers, let's drive that Internal traffic with a killer Etsy SEO strategy and increase your overall revenue like a pro with more marketing tactics.
Module Highlights:
  • You'll never have to wonder if it's your SEO ever again with this fool proof Etsy SEO strategy. Get ready to see a massive increase in traffic and sales.
  • We're not done optimizing... Learn how to increase your overall revenue with shop organization and by bundling/grouping offers strategically.
  • And if that's not enough, learn how to find new product ideas based on data and market research so they're bound to sell!

Module 4


No more relying on Etsy to drive all of your traffic. Learn how to use Pinterest the right way and double, triple, quadruple, your traffic.
Module Highlights:
  • Optimize your Pinterest account and create a profile that will become a magnet for your target audience.
  • Learn best practices for VIRAL pins and craft a pinning strategy that works.
  • Steal my keyword research strategy to massively increase the reach of your already optimized pins.
  • [BONUS] GROW + AUTOMATE your Pinterest traffic to get the most out of the platform with Tailwind. Get ready for a traffic boom once you learn and implement the strategies in these 3 bonus lessons.

Module 5


With a conversion rate of only 2-3% think about how that number could increase if we captured the email's of the people who chose NOT to buy at first, but then convinced them later down the line with email marketing... That's why email is STILL the number one way to convert prospects into customers and why every business needs an email list.
Module Highlights:
  • Choose an email provider that works best for your business and learn how to grow your email list from SCRATCH.
  • Learn how to craft an irresistible opt-in offer that will attract the right people to join your list.
  • Know exactly what to say in the emails to your new subscribers to get them to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST your brand.

Module 6


Content marketing is crucial for all modern day businesses, yes even product based ones! It builds awareness and increases visibility (not everyone is product aware)! This module is all about crafting your profit driven content marketing plan.
Module Highlights:
  • No more social media overwhelm - Pick just a couple of platforms you want to post on and craft a content marketing plan for success.
  • No more confusion about what to post to promote your business. Learn what TYPES of content to post, what to SAY in your copy, and WHEN to promote.
  • Don't let them check out your free content and then leave! Build your content marketing sales funnel so you can capture prospects email addresses and then convert them into customers down the line.

BONUS #1: 

For further clarity, support, and accountability, connect with other students enrolled in the course with free access to the private students-only Marketing for Makers Academy Facebook group.

 BONUS #2:

Once your email list starts growing you'll eventually want to run a promotion and there is no better marketing than email marketing! This guide will walk you through exactly how to run a successful, profitable email promotion within 24 hours including swipe files so you know exactly what to say in your emails in order to convert your subscribers into excited customers!


>> The complete training program: 6 modules with video lessons, PDF support documents, swipe files, and templates  [$1,997 Value]

>> Bonus 1:  Private Access to Student-Only Facebook Group [$497 Value]

>> Bonus 2:  "How to Run a Profitable 24hr Email Promotion" [$97 Value]

Total Value: $2,591

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I am so confident that you will get amazing results that I'm willing to give you your money back if you don't!

If you're not happy with the course you can request a full refund up to 30 days after the course launch.

All you have to do is submit proof that you've done the necessary work and show that you've tried your best to get results.

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Questions people ask before signing up for Marketing for Makers Academy:

This course is for anyone who wants to increase their traffic and sales on Etsy whether they have 0 sales or hundreds of sales. It does not teach you how to open an Etsy shop (that can be easily googled).

This course is best for people who already have a product idea or products to sell since we won’t be covering product creation, but it WILL teach you the process of narrowing down your niche if you’re currently selling all sorts of things in your shop, how to improve your listings and your offers, and how to create new listings strategically.

This course is called Marketing for Makers for a reason. One of the elements that makes this course different from other Etsy courses is I teach you how to run a profitable business, not just an Etsy shop. You will learn marketing strategies that go way beyond Etsy (ie. Pinterest, Email marketing, and content marketing).

You get lifetime access to the core course material! Feel free to take your time.

If you would like a suggestion - I would say spend no less than 1 week on each module, but no more than 2 weeks on each (and dedicate 5-8 hours a week learning and implementing each week).

A healthy speed to complete initial implementation of the course material would be 2-3 months time.

The course is nothing like my YouTube videos. Since this is paid content we go in-depth and I teach you how to implement everything for success step-by-step. You will also have access to a private students-only Facebook group for support, community, and accountability you move through the lessons.

Yes! There are 6 modules (and a tech vault with video tutorials to help you out with tech-y things). You get access to it ALL of it the moment you join.

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